What Matters?

This page reflects the join collaboration of an industrial design engineer (Fred) and a psychologist (John) who are collaborating to explore the nature of human experiences with an eye for designing systems that enhance the quality of those experiences. They have recently created a book together titled What Matters. It is a book filled with eccentric ideas about the nature of human experience that are playfully illustrated using original cartoons. The eccentric ideas reflect common threads that link early functionalist views of psychology and semiotics with more contemporary ideas associated with ecological psychology, embodied cognition, cybernetics, and dynamical systems theory. The threads are woven together in hopes of making the implications for the design (UX Design) of quality experiences evident.

The book can be downloaded for free through CoreScholar using this link:


Latest updates to the book were made on 10/10/2016.

We hope that you will check it out and we look forward to learning from any feedback or reaction that you would like to share.


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